Why Should I get a Massage?

There are many articles on the web that give you information about the benefits of massage. Massage gives relief from back pain, neck pain, headaches, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, tendonitis, and much more. But these require you to have physical discomfort or injury before seeking out massage.

What about acknowledging that massage just feels good.

In our fast paced, multitasking, driven, the busier the better, technologically addicted society we have lost touch with touch. Studies have shown that although it is cleverly titled social media, actual social connection is missing and social comparison is rampant causing an increase in anxiety and depression. There are studies that link Facebook to depression with chronic users. 

So how do we reconnect with touch?
I have been in the field of massage therapy for over 20 years and I am a master at self massage.  I can use my own hands, corners, hand held massage doohickeys, and thumpers but I can tell you that not one of these tools has ever been able to take the place of a great massage. The experience of professional hands using learned and practiced techniques, the experience of nurturing touch in a massage can never be replaced.

Aside from the physical benefits received from massage therapy, there are positive psychological effects as well. The emotional value and the effects on your mood and mental health are profound. Massage promotes relaxation, reduces the feeling of stress, releases serotonin and endorphins. It leaves you with a feeling of well being, like your spirit has been lifted and it opens space for self awareness, a reconnection of the body, the mind and the spirit connecting you to the whole self.  It allows you to fully breathe, feel calm and more centered. 

Now doesn’t that sound like a great reason to get a massage?

So, whether you want to get relief of pain or just feel good, a good massage is a worthwhile investment in your greatest asset, you.

But these words mean nothing until you experience it for yourself. 


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