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Welcome to Medi-Massage Inc.
     (Located in St. Catharines Ontario)

We are committed to demonstrating that you will be cared for with
respect, understanding, and sincerity. We will strive to make every visit
a wonderful experience. 

If you are looking to schedule a 2 hour massage, a 90 min massage, or 
a 90 min hot stone, please call 
905 984 8494 to schedule it. 
The online scheduler will not show times available for extended treatments, however, we can accomodate you by phone scheduling.

If this is your first visit with us, please come in 10 min early
to fill in a health history form.

If you have Extended Health Insurance and you want us to
Direct Bill on your behalf, please present that information
to reception before your appointment begins.

Ridley Heights Plaza
100 Fourth Ave
St. Catharines, On
L2S 3P1

Phone: 905.984.8494 

Monday 9am-8:00pm
Tuesday 9am-8:00pm
Wednesday 9am-8:00pm
Thursday 9am-8:00pm
Friday 9am-8:00pm
Saturday 9am-2:30pm

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